Policy Planning Updates

Apart from the Nationwide School Awareness Program (NSAP) that the Office of Censorship is currently undertaking, the Policy Planning sub section, under the Mass Media & Programs section within the Strategic Policy & Coordination Division (SPC) have been working tirelessly to implement some of its Key Performance Areas (KPA) such as the review of the Corporate Plan (2013-2018) and the National Censorship Policy, including the formulation of internal policies and others.

NSAP in Gulf Province


The Nationwide School Awareness Program (NSAP) was carried out in the Gulf Province from the 25th to the 30th of March, 2018 with the theme ‘Censorship Starts at home’, as a trial program in preparation for the NSAP in the respective selected provinces in the country.


A final year journalism and public relations student of the University of Papua New Guinea, Mr. Linson Karu was fare welled last Friday 23th February after a fourteen weeks of job experience with the Office of Censorship.