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Office of Censorship

Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea Film Classification Ratings

Office of Censorship

Papua New Guinea

Vision, Mission, Goal and Values


To have a responsible mass media and public communication system that respects the inherent dignity of human being and their value system and protect and promote decent behaviors of people in communities.


The Censorship Board through the Office of Censorship ensures that all forms of information and communications, services, and application, whether from outside or within Papua New Guinea, are assessed and classified, and that appropriate action is taken so Papua New Guineans have protected all materials that may be detrimental to their physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing.


To ensure mass media and public communication system are free from all forms of unwanted and offensive content which is incompatible with the Christian values and traditional social norms of the people of Papua New Guinea. 

The values we live by.


We are committed to maintaining the tradition of self-respect and human decency and maintaining teamwork and partnership for prosperity.


We are committed to build our human capital to be professionally trained and benchmarked to international best practices.


We are honest, transparent and accountable in what we do.


We ensure good moral and work ethics are maintained at all times within our practices.

Gender Equality

We recognize gender and equal participation in the Office of Censorship.