Transfer of Exhibits

The Investigations team from the PNG Customs Office transferred three Sex Enhancement Products (SEPs) confiscated at the Jackson’s International Airport, to the Office of Censorship as the appropriate agency for further action, on Monday 04th January, 2019.

All SEPs detained were removed from international travelers who are either on work permit or temporary visitors.
The exhibits are currently within the jurisdiction of the Office of Censorship to detain and record while awaiting destruction later in the year.

Customs Investigations team further stated that the offenders were let off with a verbal warning since they were first time offenders however, their details will be monitored after this offence.

The two agencies, Customs and Censorship, are now working together to identify the different kinds of prohibited materials under the Classification of Publications (Censorship) Act 1989, to assist Customs agents when they are stationed at the Airport.