Students urged to use social media for right purposes

A Pilot Research project was carried out at the Port Moresby National High School and the Sogeri Nation-al High School respectively, by the Office of Censorship on the usage of mobile phones by school students which coincided with a brief awareness on the advantages and disadvantages of using social media.

Research Officer Mr Cyril Kruak said the aim of the research was to collect data on the use of mobile phones by school children with regards to accessing and distributing of indecent information and materials via the internet.

 Mr Kruak stated that the questionnaires were developed to get feedback from indi-vidual students so that better understanding or analysing of the problem can contribute to developing a policy framework for an ‘Internet Filtering System’ in the country.

Director for Strategic Policy & Coordination Division Ms Ilikomau Ali said this was the first research program to be carried out by the Censor-ship Office and it was im-portant that the students par-take in this pilot research and provide their opinions or responses via the research questionnaires which will be collected after one week.

Principal Advisor (Mass Media) Mr Robroy Chicki, outlined the disadvantages and advantages of the social media, stressing that alt-hough the internet is easier and faster in retrieving infor-mation for research or study purposes, students tend to abuse their study time by go-ing into other social net-works such as Facebook or twitter to chat with friends and family, thus wasting his/her time, in some in-stances, they take advantage and go to prohibited sites to view pornographic pictures or movies which are very harmful for a growing young mind.

Following the program, some students expressed concern about certain students who spend most of their time on the internet and when they come to school they use offensive language to other students and tend to behave indecently as well. They were also happy to be part of the awareness and re-search program but told the Censorship Office to provide some solutions for this problem that was being outlined.

Sogeri National High School male Co-President Bilu Kasanda and female Co-President Damaris Wakip said the program was very informative despite having little knowledge on the existence of the Censorship Office and were happy to be part of it.