Stop Cyber Bullying, Censorship Starts With You: Chief Censor

The Office of Censorship never ceases to inform and educate the public about censorship and the importance of exercising self-respect and human decency.

It is sad to see that this message is not taken seriously and the disregard of consideration and responsibility has taken over.

The use and misuse of information through various forms of communication especially and particularly through social media (Facebook) is widespread and causing harm silently.

The recent death of a young woman relating to cyber bullying is a result of continuous inconsideration, irresponsible and disrespect to a person’s right, which is now gone.

Although the regulation of information through the internet and social media is not under the jurisdiction of the Office of Censorship, it is safe to say that you must be responsible for information you share online, taking note that it is not your right to take another person’s emotion, situation or agenda and turn it into your own amusement.

Papua New Guinea’s national constitution is based on Christianity and as a Christian Nation; we are expected to be respectful at all times in all avenues and aspects of life.

The country also exercises Censorship for moral purposes and as custodians of morality, the Office of Censorship extends sincere condolence to the family and friends of the Late Ms Priscilla Waim and to the general public, you are urged to exercise respect and decency at all times to prevent such unfortunate incidents in our country, do not contribute to a cyber-bully statistic.