In a recent event, representatives from the SP Brewery Industry approached the Office of Censorship to seek approval on a Public Notice they intend to advertise in the two respective daily papers for readers to identify and relate to in regard to the recycling of used alcohol bottles.

The Mission Statement of the Office of Censorship states, ‘The Censorship Board, through the Office of Censorship, ensures that all forms of information and communication goods, services and applications, whether from outside or within Papua New Guinea, are assessed and classified, and that appropriate action is taken so Papua New Guineans are protected from materials that may be detrimental to their physical, mental, cultural and spiritual well-being’.

It is therefore the responsibility of the Office of Censorship to inform and educate all publication premises to submit all advertising materials to the Office of the Chief Censor to be classified before any publications can be made via the print media and the media industry as a whole.

The Chief Censor, in an interview, confirmed that the advertising of materials is to be directed to the Office of Censorship for proper classification in order to ensure that the content is presentable for public consumption.

Mr Steven Mala also stated in a circular instruction dated 21st August, 2018 under Section 18 of the Classification of Publication  (Censorship) Act, 1989, to submit all radio advertisement for classification before publishing and broadcasting.

It is important to note that while the country can enjoy the free flow of information being disseminated through the various mediums of communication into our country, the Office of Censorship exists to safeguard the content of information that is reaching the populace within the country with the objective of creating a healthy social environment and to promote decency within our communities.

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