SEPs confiscated

Over 20 sex enhancement products were confiscated recently following a successful undercover operation orchestrated by the Enforcement & Compliance officers from the Office of Censorship on 9th January, 2019.

The suspect (anonymous) was apprehended at the Vision City Mega Mall where the officers discovered two x penis pumps in his possession.

With the assistance from the Drug & Vice Squad of the Royal PNG Constabulary and the PNG Customs Officers, the suspect led the officers to his place of residence where the remainder of the shipment was being kept, with a total of 21 x Penis enlargement pumps, 2 x Latex vagina and 10 x Latex penis rings which are worth more than K10, 000.00 on the street market.

During questioning, the suspect admitted that the products were ordered from overseas from Hong Kong via Singapore, through the DHL Express services.

As per the Classification of Publication (Censorship) Act of 1989, Section 11(a), All imported sex enhancement products in whatever state, form or shape are not permitted unless specifically prescribed by a resident doctor who can be contacted to verify its use. Such products in this category would include capsules, tablets, sprays, creams, powders, vibrators, penis enlargers, vibe condoms, sex novelties, etc.

Senior Enforcement Officer Mr Gerea Kapa expressed concern that the customs agents are not properly monitoring the incoming packages containing such items.

Mr Kapa stated that the illegal items were confiscated and a spot fine of K1, 000.00 was imposed on the offender with a verbal warning since it is the first offence committed.

Mr Kapa is also appealing to the public, including business houses, to be aware of these prohibited items and ensure that any information regarding the sale and distribution of such items must be reported to the Office of the Chief Censor for appropriate action to be taken.

‘The continuous support of the Drug & Vice squad and the PNG Customs office remains an important factor in the apprehension of suspects regarding this matter’, Mr Kapa said.

The Office of Censorship will organise the destruction of these confiscated items during the first quarter of this year 2019.

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