Self Control is vital

Self control (2)

‘Self-Censorship and responsibility is the key message we are trying to bring forward to you, students, exercise these and you will not go wrong’.
This was the message delivered to students at the Mainohana Catholic Secondary School during the School Awareness Program carried out by the Office of Censorship on Wednesday 31st May, 2017.
The Awareness Team informed the students that technology, particularly the internet and social media, are here to stay, it is however our responsibility as sensible individuals, to practice self-censorship and responsibility and to use the internet for educational purposes, rather than misusing these resources for pleasure and fun.
Two sets of skits were performed by the Awareness Team members displaying the main role and function of the Office and depicting the everyday life of students at school whether it be a boarding school or a day school.
Although the school has a no phone policy, it is important just the same, to inform them of the advantages and disadvantages of having a phone at school and at home.
The Deputy Principal (Administration) Mr Bernard Kaipol outlined that this Awareness message was important for the school as it can assist the school with its disciplinary matters.
Mr Kaipol added that in 2014 The Secretary for Education was not pleased with the general outcome of the students as their overall performance was poor, as a result, a study was carried out which resulted in 90% of the cause of this problem being associated to students having access to phones.
The Chief Censor was pleased with the outcome of the program as the Team delivered the similar message to the Bereina Primary School as well.

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