Research Collaboration

Censorship Office is now working in collaboration with National Research Institute (NRI) and two international researchers on its research on mobile phone usage by school children in Papua New Guinea.

Research Officer, Mr Cyril Kruak said the importance of this research collaboration is to seek expertise to frame the problems to be tackled and the questions that need to be answered, undertake the research and interpret the results in terms of their significance for community and policy change and disseminate the research findings and advocate for change.

Mr. Kruak said, “The task of researching and seeking expertise knowledge is very important in terms of an effective research report development for reporting, presentation and for usage as concrete evidence for the national policy creation”.

He said outsourcing of skills and knowledge from both the national and international researchers is of paramount importance to help, contribute and move the Censorship Office forward to the next level in terms of researching and coming up with new ideas for the Office.

For this year 2015, three (3) researchers from both PNG and abroad were engaged to assist in the process to conduct review with the research questionnaire on the usage of mobile phones by school children and make recommendations to it.

The two international researchers were Dr Robert Foster, an Anthropologist/Researcher from the University of Rochester (USA) and Dr Ceridwen Spark, a Vice Chancellor’s Senior Research Fellow from RMIT University, Melbourne (Australia). The third was a national researcher from PNG National Research Institute, Dr Esther Lavu who is a Senior National Researcher.

All the three researchers were engaged to conduct review on the research questionnaire that was developed in 2014 for PNG schools. All the suggestions and recommendation made were considered and included in the new designed questionnaire for use throughout PNG schools in 2016.