Policy Planning Updates

Apart from the Nationwide School Awareness Program (NSAP) that the Office of Censorship is currently undertaking, the Policy Planning sub section, under the Mass Media & Programs section within the Strategic Policy & Coordination Division (SPC) have been working tirelessly to implement some of its Key Performance Areas (KPA) such as the review of the Corporate Plan (2013-2018) and the National Censorship Policy, including the formulation of internal policies and others.

An internal working committee for the purpose of reviewing the organization’s five (5) year Corporate Plan was formed and approved by the Chief Censor on the 12th of March 2018. The draft plan is in progress awaiting the formulation of a draft policy framework oncensorship which will be developed in-collaboration with the engagement ofa consultant.

Both activities will be carried forward to next year 2019.

Due to the NSAP, the Policy Planning team developed a travel policy with guidelines for Officers to comply with when participating in the NSAP.

Apart from these, seven internal ICT Policies have been reviewed and were presented in the last Senior Management Team (SMT) meeting whereby Mr Robroy Chicki circulated to the respective Managers and Executive Managers for review and comments; while an in-house Code of Conduct was also formulated and circulated to the SMT for review and comments.

These policies are important and must be in place to guide and enhance the performance and output of Officers when performing their roles in the workplace.

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