Officer graduates with Certificate at ITI

s Graduation
Ms Janet Pokana is a young and enthusiastic Salary Officer within the Office of Censorship, who recently graduated at the International Training Institute’s 50th Graduation Ceremony with a Certificate in Human Resource Management at the Kaugere Four Square Church on 7th July, 2017.
‘I am very delighted to finally graduate after intensive studying and hectic schedule between work and school but it finally paid off and I am satisfied with this achievement’, Ms Pokana said after receiving her Certificate.
In line with the Training Plan of the Office of Censorship and as part of the Human Resource Development of the Office, the Chief Censor Mr Steven Mala is encouraging his staff to further their studies to enhance their skills in their respective roles within the Office of Censorship.
Ms Pokana said this program is encouraging for officers to take advantage of and the initiative taken by the management has seen a boost in the performance of the Officers as a whole within the organisation.
Ms Pokana was among 295 graduands of which 35 were from the Human Resource strand.

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