Office of Censorship takes part in a spot check joint operation in Oro Province

Deputy Chief Censor Jim Abani, from the Office of Censorship with the team from the Enforcement and Compliance Division, took part in a spot check joint operation conducted in Oro from the 3rd of April to the 8th of April, 2017.

The joint operation was led by the PNG Immigration and Citizenship Services Authority (PNGICSA) with the intention of spot checking of business entities in Oro.

PNGICSA invited other government agencies to participate and carry out their respective roles and exercise their own jurisdiction and mandated responsibilities.

The agencies that participated were Department of Labour and Employment, Office of Censorship, Independent Consumer and Competition Commission (ICCC), Investment Promotion Authority and Bank of Papua New Guinea.

The team checked all business houses and shops in the province to ensure that they comply with relevant rules and regulations as prescribed by the National Government.

Mr. Abani said there were irregularities found during the operation which included the selling of unregistered multiple DVDs, uncertified shops selling movies, unregistered hotels and motels with special cable TV that needed to be registered.

With these findings, Mr. Abani is calling on all shop owners, hotels’ and motels’ operators and recording studios to come forward and register their premises as it is required by censorship law.

It was a successful operation and he applauded the joint operation taken by the agencies saying it was a collaborative effort and saved costs.

Oro Operation_2017

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