NSAP in Manus

The Nationwide School Awareness Program (NSAP) carried out in Manus Province from the 22nd to the 27th of July was rewarding and as the fifth province to be visited., the team reached out to a total of eight schools including awareness to a community.
The team of 13 officers, including two representatives from the Department of National Planning travelled to the Province on Sunday 22nd July and returned on Saturday 28th July, 2018.
The eight schools visited are ECOM Secondary, Pombrut Primary, Manus Secondary, Nuwok Primary, Lorengau East, N’Drolokou Primary, Naringel Primary, Papitalai Secondary and Lombrum Primary schools respectively, including the community awareness within Loniu village, reaching out to over 3, 000 students including teachers and friends.
During the program, the Executive team, led by Chief Censor Mr Mala, did a courtesy visit to the Provincial Administrator Mr Andrew Posong who was able to organise the awareness team to present the program to the Provincial Management Team (PMT) on Thursday 26th July from 11am – 12noon, which was a bonus for the program as respective divisional heads from various departments were available to receive the messages on behalf of the organisations they represented.
The Provincial Police Commander Mr David Yapu also made time available to meet with the team and was pleased to have the team in the province and stated that sexual offences were a leading issue in the province at the moment while Enforcement Officer Mr Richard Tabel briefly outlined some of the roles of the Office in the Enforcement section stating also that the responsibility of inspections will not be carried out during the Awareness program.
On Thursday 26th July, Team Leader Ms Ilikomau Ali and Coordinator Ms Delly Morofa had an hour of talk back with the Provincial Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) in Manus, basically outlining the purpose of the visit to the Province, highlighting the importance of the NSAP and providing additional information for the benefit of the listeners in the outer islands and rural areas as well.
A number of issues were raised including recommendations and comments which were duly noted by the team leader to be considered in future programs.
The overall Nationwide School Awareness & Advocacy Program carried out in Manus Province was a success as the team reached out to a total of 3, 798 students in the eight selected schools visited, not including the community awareness and teachers and other interested individuals who participated in the program.

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