NSAP in Gulf Province


The Nationwide School Awareness Program (NSAP) was carried out in the Gulf Province from the 25th to the 30th of March, 2018 with the theme ‘Censorship Starts at home’, as a trial program in preparation for the NSAP in the respective selected provinces in the country.
The NSAP is an initiative from the Office of Censorship to advocate on social issues affecting young people today with regard to content intake through the various mediums available especially via the internet, television, radio and print media.
The NSAP is derived from the National Awareness Raising Strategy which will be carried out from 2016 – 2019 and is subject for review after the duration has lapsed.
The recent awareness program in Gulf Province was a success with student participation and interactions to learn more on the issues discussed through drama and presentations alike.
The Provincial Administrator Mr Marc Avai was very supportive toward this program and thanked the Office of Censorship for selecting Gulf Province to carry out the trial awareness program in.
Mr Gabriel Opa, the Provincial Education Advisor instructed the respective education inspectors to assist and participate with the Awareness Team so that they can assist to advocate the messages shared when they are visiting other institutions within the province.
The participating officers also were able to share this information via the National Broadcasting Corporation in Gulf Province as a form of advocacy to the general public regarding the program itself which received much feedback and support from the locals.
The schools visited during the program were the Malalaua High School, Karea Primary School, Ilakaraeta Primary School and the Kerema Coronation Secondary School.

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