Ms Ali guest speaker for Book Week

‘Reading plays an important role in the development of a child’.

These were the words from Executive Manager for the Strategic Policy & Coordination Division Ms Ilikomau Ali, as she gave a speech to the students and teachers of Boroko Primary School on Friday 10th August as the guest speaker to conclude the Book Week. Ms Ali thanked the school administration for the invitation and stressed from the National theme ‘Read and Write forever more’, emphasising on how publications and literature could contribute meaningfully to the development of a child and that it was healthy for children, at a young age, to continue reading whether it be from a book, or from the internet or via your mobile phone.
Ms Ali also emphasised on the importance of grammar usage by students which is dropping as students tend to use abbreviations in their writing and forget the importance of spelling out a single word properly and correctly which will affect a child’s education if this trend continues, and urged students, teachers and parents to be mindful of these changes.
Adding on, Ms Ali took the opportunity of advocating on the censorship roles and functions of the Office, stating that whatever information a child receives via the books, the television or the internet, must be monitored by an adult or their parents, to ensure that appropriate information is being consumed by a child to assist him or her to develop a healthy moral character.
The week concluded with students show casing their writings and also imitating characters from fairy tales which was interesting and fun to witness.

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