Ministry General Staff Meeting

The Ministry of Religion, Youth & Community Development consists of five existing agencies namely National Youth Development Authority, Office of Censorship, National Volunteer Services, National Office for Children & Family Services and the Department for Community Development.

During the first 2019
general staff meeting with the Minister on Monday 4th February 2019, Hon. Soroi Eoe acknowledged the respective departmental heads and thanked each one for implementing their respective programs in 2018.

Hon Minister challenged all officers present to perform their duties one step ahead.

Every individual officer is challenged to grow one step ahead, and through this, results can be seen through collective effort and no one can move this country to the next development stage unless Public Servants perform their tasks diligently.

Hon Eoe said this Ministry is the only one that looks at the livelihood of our people, thus, all programs planned for the year should touch base in the community level because that is where the needs are.

National Office for Children & Family Services – Acting Chief Executive Officer Simon Yanis

‘Child protection is our business. It must start with us’.

National Youth Development Authority – Acting Executive Director Reuben Akia

We are servants of the Public. We have a duty to discharge our services with honesty and faithfulness.

National Volunteer Services – Acting Executive Director Mollie Willie

The agency will be launching its first agency training program for 2019. Volunteering to serve others through this program is a humble experience.

Office of Censorship – Chief Censor Steven Mala

We accept the challenge from our good Minister to drive our programs forward in 2019.

Department for Community Development & Religion – Secretary Anna Kavana Solomon

This challenge needs disciplined staff. Officers will be deployed to serve in the districts to improve families in the community level, and the department is all about the people.