Minister visits Office


‘In many ways, all our functions are inter connected and we are collectively working together to deliver services to the people’.
These remarks were made by the new Minister for Religion, Youth & Community Development Honourable Soroi Eoe during his visit to the Office of Censorship on Tuesday 5th September, 2017.
Although Hon. Eoe’s visit was brief, it made a lot of impact for the Officers at Censorship as he shared his intentions and strategies for the years ahead.
‘My view about this Ministry is that we affect human lives one way or another, through the departments and agencies, we address issues that are related with the people’, Minister Eoe stated.
When addressing the Management and staff of Censorship, Minister Eoe congratulated the team for their efforts and contribution and stated that issues related to Censorship were not new to him as he served on the Censorship Board when the Office was led by former Chief Censor Late Martin Tabel.
‘By the time I leave, I want to set a benchmark and we have five years to achieve that together’, he said.
Chief Censor Mr Steven Mala thanked the Minister for taking time to visit the Office and for addressing these issues with the Management and staff and also ensured that the Office will continue to carry out its respective activities, in particular, the current School Awareness Program which is ear marked for 2017.
Minister Eoe visited the National Voluntary Services, the Office of Censorship, National Youth Development Authority and the NCD Welfare Services respectively, accompanied by Department Secretary Ms Anna Solomon.

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