Mala keen on addressing Child Online Protection on National Children’s Day

The Office of Censorship will be taking part in the National Children’s Day bi-annual event, which will take place on November 20th and 21st at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Port Moresby, with the theme, ‘Let the Children Speak’.

The Chief Censor of Censorship Office Mr Steven Mala is invited to take part in the closing ceremony where he will give his speech on the event, emphasising on Child Online Protection.

Mr Mala said the issue of protection of children online is a very vital subject that our respective communities need to embrace in line with the increase in use of technology by children both in the rural and urban areas in our country.

Through the Nationwide School Awareness Program, the Office of Censorship is doing its part to inform the children about the positive and negative use of the mobile phones, internet and social media which is the new trend in our young people today.

Mr Mala is urging individuals and parents, guardians and teachers to exercise responsibility and to be mindful when children are using these gadgets at home or at school to avoid issues like cyber bullying and harassment where many of our young people are experiencing today.

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