Corporate Services Division


The primary goal of the Corporate Services Division (CSD) is to ensure a fully functional and operational Office of Censorship in which it realizes its Corporate mandate through provisions of a well established and functional Corporate Services Division in providing Finance and Accounting, Human Resources and Information Technology on a timely and cost effective basis that ensures operating Divisions perform at an optimum level of efficiency, thereby leading to realization of the overall organizational goals and objectives.

The Corporate Services Division will play the supportive and facilitative role to the other three (3) divisions with its stated objectives being to:

  • Providing adequate and quality Corporate services which will enable operations divisions to implement their work plans and programs in a timely manner in order to achieve their stated outcomes.
  • Providing relevant and appropriate input towards the formulation of Censorship Policies as and when required.
  • Facilitating the proper consultation and dialogue in areas of assets management and usage, financial management and the control of funds.
  • Designing, developing and implementing appropriate systems and procedures that will assist in generating additional revenue for the Office of Censorship.
  • Maintaining and fostering a good working relationship and open dialogue with various government agencies and other stake holders that the Office of Censorship Interacts with.


Finance and Accounting
To set up and have in place a well developed and functional Finance and Accounting section with procedures and systems that will prudently manage and account for the financial resources of the Office of Censorship.

Human Resource Management and Administration
To establish and have a fully staffed Human Resource team supported by a well developed Human Resource Policies, Procedures and Systems that will attract and retain a highly skilled and experienced personnel within the Office of Censorship, for the effective discharge of their individual and divisional functions and responsibilities for the achievement of the overall organization goals and objectives.

Information and Communications Technology
To establish and operate a full and integrated Management Information System that will offer or render support to the attainment of the various divisional goals and objectives through the use of and/or application of a wide range information technology services sourced and/or developed internally or externally.