Kruak: Pilot Research successfully conducted

The recent Pilot Research project which coincided with a brief awareness program, according to Research Officer Mr Cyril Kruak, was successfully conducted at the Port Moresby and Sogeri National High Schools respectively.

The research titled ‘use of mobile phones by school children to access indecent materials and information via the internet’, was carried out under the 2014 Annual Operational Plan for the office of Censorship.

Mr Kruak said the overall participation of the two selected schools were very good however; he was disappointed about the lack of interest shown by students from the Port Moresby National High School (POMNATHS) who returned only 36 questionnaires out of 323 forms that were distributed. This was supported by Deputy Principal of POM-NATHS Mr Matthew Maito, who expressed disappointment that most of the ques-tionnaires were not returned with comments and requested the Censorship Office to redistribute an additional 100 copies of the questionnaires which was filled out and delivered to the Censorship Office under his strict supervision.

Mr Kruak urged students from POMNATHS and other institutions to be support-ive of such programs that are conducted in their schools as it will be for their bene-fit as they move on in life.

However, the program carried out at the Sogeri National High School (SONATHS) was more informative as students showed support by expressing their interest to be part of the program. The Censorship Office roles & functions were discussed including responsibilities of respective officers but the topic that had the attention of the students was the advantages and disadvantages of social media which was widely discussed.

Mr Kruak stated that he will begin data compilation and analysis of the 363 ques-tionnaires that he has received beginning at the end of May and working through the month of June. He also estimated that finalisation of all data will be done in August. Among the questionnaires received from SONATHS, a grade 11 student, attached a four-page report titled, ‘What are the problems affecting our country and who will be the agent of change?’ .

The report was based on how the Government through the office of Censorship, PNG Customs, and others who assist in minimising the illegal buying and selling of forfeited items throughout the country which slowly harms the people, especial-ly students and young children.

Meanwhile, the student is urging fellow students of SONATHS and students across the nation to be the agents of change in PNG by taking a step forward and assisting the Office of Censorship to minimise problems associated with social media.