Internet Filtering & Policy Workshop

Members of the Panel at the Internet Filtering Workshop

Members of the Panel at the Internet Filtering Workshop

A combined workshop between the Ministry for Communication & Information and the Ministry for Community Development took place on 11th May at the Gateway Hotel, Port Moresby, on Internet Filtering, Policy & Integrated Government Information System (IGIS) with the theme, ‘Empowering PNG through clean and effective use of ICT’.

The workshop was officially launched by the Secretary for the Department of Community Development Ms Anna Solomon who congratulated the government departments for initiating this collaborative approach toward the preparation of an established ICT program for the country.

The workshop is an initiative of the Office of Censorship, the Department for Communication & Information (DCI) and the IGIS to use modern technology as a way to address social issues affecting our citizens and to use technology as an effective communication system within the government sector.

Chief Censor Mr Steven Mala said working in partnership with other government agencies and Non-Government Agencies is essential and important as these respective organisations come together with a common goal – to ensure that there is a clean feed from the Internet Service Providers to the public users of the internet.

The ‘custodians of morality’ (Censorship) have a mammoth task to ensure that the users of internet, particularly, children and youths, are receiving appropriate information from the internet and are not accessing other materials that are indecent toward their moral obligation.

The IGIS initiative in computerising and integrating government departments and state agencies is important as discussions stemmed from the IGIS presentation on improving performance and service delivery in the public sector through the efficient use of ICT showing evidence that there was a need for an integrated system in place for respective government agencies.

‘In terms of filtering, we will probably start with the government departments through the IGIS network. It’s a mammoth task to put a filtering system in place but we have to start somewhere’, Mr Mala said.

A presentation from the Censorship Office on Internet Filtering by Acting Manager – Mass Media Mr Robroy Chicki was shared to the participants for their critical analysis while gauzing views, comments and discussions from the public on how to address social issues associated with the internet especially on pornography, internet human trafficking, online child sex exploitation, internet money laundering and other cybercrime related issues.

Two presentations were also done from the IGIS division where Mr Maisen Windu, the Advisor to the IGIS program elaborated on the technical aspect of the ICT program and its history in PNG and the development on ICT while IGIS team leader Mr John Kera explained the IGIS system and its intention to integrate all government departments and agencies at the national, provincial and district level onto a single ICT platform.

Mr Mala then urged participants from the one day workshop to contribute ideas on how they could come up with a system that could help the filtering system to work.

Also present were the Secretary for the Department of Communication & Information Mr Koreken Levi, NICTA CEO Mr Charles Punaha, East Sepik Provincial Administrator Mrs Elizabeth Kaprangi, Registrar for the National Judiciary Specialised Supply Mr Ian Augere, media personnel including over 150 participants.

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