The Chief Censor strongly urges parents to be more mindful about the content of computer & video games when purchasing them for their children’s entertainment.
Mr. Mala made these remarks after a new video & computer game shop was recently opened in Port Moresby.
He welcomed the growth in the entertainment industry but advises parents to understand the level of harmful content that some of these games contained.
He stated that the primary responsibility for protecting children and young people from harmful material rests with their parents or guardian. In discharging that responsibility they have a right to expect assistance from the State, therefore, they must be confident that material to which children may be exposed has been carefully examined and appropriately classified.
Accordingly, the Chief Censor stated that the Office of Censorship is reviewing provision in the Censorship Act to provide classification for computer games with stronger content.
The Chief Censor warns parents to be mindful of games like, Grand Theft Auto III & IV and 50 Cent – Bullet proof. Punisher and Mortal Combat were banned but were later released in a revised version.
While Singles, Flirt up your life, Syndicate, Postal, Reservoir Dogs and Risen are banned because they contain very high level of violence, sexuality & nudity as incentives and rewards as the player progresses up the level, sexual scenes and drug use.
Some of these games were originally banned but with the edited version they have been classified with the highest classification ratings; MA15+ and R18.
The classification of video & computer games is intended, therefore, both to protect children and young people, and to respect the sensibilities of adults who are concerned about violence and its effect on the community, and would consider certain kinds of materials personally offensive.

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