Enforcement and Compliance Division

The Enforcement and Compliance Division is the Operational arm of the Office of Censorship. The Division is headed by the Executive Manager-Enforcement & Compliance who reports to the Deputy Chief Censor.

This division carries out its functions by collaborating with partner’s and stakeholders in advocating and promoting healthy minds, human decency and self-respect amongst the people.

This is done through classification of films and publications and the inspection of publication premises and most importantly, it is responsible for effectively enforcing the provisions of the Censorship laws.


The Division’s functions are divided into two (2) major areas;

    1) Regulation of Industry (Publication Premises).
    2) Classification & Screening of Films and Publication.

The Division has two (2) main sections which are;


1. Ensure publication premises are registered and comply with relevant government laws and regulations.

  • Inspecting all registered publication premises in NCD and other provinces.
  • Identifying new premises.
  • Pursuing of registration.
  • Providing Inspection report.
  • Follow up on expired publication premises in NCD and other provinces.

2. Conduct awareness to all operators and schools during publication premises inspections.

  • Enforce Ban on multiple DVDs, unclassified and refused materials.
  • Regulate the production and sale of gender discriminatory songs.
  • Developing regulations and systems regarding standards on industry practices.
  • Destroying of all refused classification materials in NCD and other provinces.


1. Ensuring all films and publications are classified and listed on this webssite.

  • Receiving and registering of films and publications (ISPs, Video game outlets, Xboxes, Sony PlayStations etc.).
  • Reviewing and classifying of films and publications.
  • Licensing and labelling of all approved films and publications.
  • Determining and collecting of fees.
  • Review and collect fees on detained or refused exhibits.
  • Releasing of approved films and publications and issuing of detention notices for films and publications to importers.
  • Confirming and updating list of films and publications for enlisting in the Office Website.

2. Ensure Compliance of Standards of Classifying and ratings of films and motion pictures by industry players.

  • Ensuring media organizations comply with the Standards of classifying and ratings of films and motion pictures.
  • Maintaining liaison and consultation with existing partners in the film and publication industry.
  • Reviewing and applying standards of classification ratings on films and motion pictures.
  • Regulate foreign television and newspaper advertisements.

The Chief Censor, through this Division shall keep or cause to be kept a register of  Publication Premises registered under the Classification of Publication(Censorship) Act 1989. Any person wishing to establish or operate a prescribed activity must register as a “Publication Premises ” under the Classification of Publication Act.