Lesson learnt from Cybercrime Workshop


Mr Chicki and Mr Abani with Pacific wantoks in Fiji during the workshop

Papua New Guinea Government has realized that our country and people are vulnerable to cyber crimes because the crimes committed online have no boarders and boundaries.

During three days in Lami Bay Suva Fiji from 17th to 21st August 2015, lessons learnt were many Pacific countries do not have Cybercrime legislations and policies. However, Tonga is already championed and willing assists other Pacific nations in terms of developing cybercrime laws and committing to Budapest Conventions. The small Pacific nation Nauru representatives told the participants that their government banned Face book because of moral issue. Vanuatu is starting to develop their legislation and policy on cybercrime. Samoa and Kiribati including Tuvalu have established Cybercrime unit with police department.

The need for effective international Legal Corporation, Legal framework for International Corporation, mechanisms for corporation and conditions for effective cooperation.

Pacific Island countries are lacking in capacity building, Corporation, up skilling and training and more significantly lacking in public awareness about cybercrime were discussed. What benefited the office from the workshop on cybercrime was the “Budapest Convent Standard Article 9: reiterate “Offences Related to Child Pornography for the purpose of distribution through a computer system’’. The technology changes quickly but legislation changes slowly, content related offences and offences related to intellectual property rights and similar rights. Our office has a mammoth task ahead to deal with cybercrime in the country. And if we are not careful; we will other developed countries to see its exploitation.