Combine Destruction takes place outside of NCD

Over 18, 000 prohibited items from the Office of Censorship including 228kg of marijuana from the Boroko District Court were destroyed in a bonfire on Thursday, 24th March, 2016 at a location outside of NCD.

Acting Senior Enforcement Officer Mr Gerea Kapa said most of the items destroyed were from the various inspections that were undertaken by the Enforcement Division in 2015 and from confiscations from the Post Office, PNG Customs and through Police intervention and assistance.

The items included 11,605 multiple DVDs, 4137 Sex Enhancement Products including 11 pornographic materials from CDs and magazines.

Deputy Chief Censor Mr Jim Abani admitted that the less number of pornographic materials confiscated shows that more work needs to be done to curb the distribution of such items.

Also from the destruction were 228kg of marijuana which were retained by the Drug & Vice Squad and were used as court exhibits in the Boroko District Court.

Detective Chief Inspector Joel Kapinias, Officer in Charge (OIC) of the National Drug & Vice Squad together with Chief Sergeant Greg Babada OIC of the Summary Court in Boroko were present to witness these items being destroyed in the bon fire together with their respective staff.

Mr Jim Abani commended his enforcement officers for their effort and also acknowledged the continued support from the PNG Police Constabulary, District Court House and PNG Customs.

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