Censorship will relocate to the Central Government Office

The Office of Censorship will be looking at relocating to the Central Government Office (CGO) before the end of 2017, due to the increase of its manpower.

Chief Censor Mr Steven Mala announced to his officers that due to the limited space within the Central Waigani BSP Bank Building (Top Floor), the Office will be expected to relocate to a bigger location to accommodate for the increase in the number of staff.

Mr Mala said he has had dialogue with the Office Allocation Committee from the Department of Personnel Management and they have agreed to move the work area from the Central Waigani BSP Bank Building to the Central Government Office, where many government offices are located.

During the general staff meeting to welcome the new recruits, Mr Mala said there are 35 new intakes, bringing the total number of officers to 60 and currently the office space is not sufficient to cater for the staff increase.

Mr Mala apologised to the officers for the current sitting arrangement where managers are seated outside the office space while the subordinates are situated within the office space with 6-7 officers in one office space.

Despite the compressed sitting arrangement, Mr Mala is satisfied as there has been no complaint and the flow of work has been satisfactory up to date.
Mr Mala said the Office Allocation Committee will advise on when the Office of Censorship will be moving to their new proposed location.

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