Censorship provides learning opportunity for students

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Mr Luke Sabin and Mr Gull Beno are third year students at the University of Papua New Guinea (UPNG), who are currently engaged with the Office of Censorship to undergo their Social Work Practice A, for a period of 13 weeks as a requirement for their assessment.
The two students have elaborated to the Executive Management that they are expected to participate meaningfully in practical work within the organisation which will then contribute to their overall assessment at UPNG.
The students will be doing their practical within the Strategic Policy & Coordination (SP&C) Division under the supervision of team leader Mr Robroy Chicki who is also the acting Executive Manger of the Division.
Chief Censor Mr Steven Mala was pleased to have the students on board and challenged them to undertake tasks that will assist them in their assessment and also to participate in something fundamental that will reward them now and in the future.
‘I do not want you to come in here and not achieve anything. If this practical will contribute to your overall assessment then I believe you must be involved with real work that will help you in your workplace experience’, Mr Mala said.
Mr Mala then formally welcomed them into the organisation and tasked the students with the responsibility of reviewing the Censorship Office Corporate Plan (2013-2018) and the National Censorship Board Policy respectively.
After being informed on its respective roles and functions, they are content with the issues they are working on and are ardent on contributing to the development of proposed policies and awareness programs that are currently being carried out by the Office.
‘It is a great opportunity for me to do my practical studies within this organisation and I fully respect and anticipate the eagerness of your staff who are willing to train me during this period,’ said Mr Sabin.
The Course Coordinator for the students Ms Loto Losenamo said it is a requirement for the school representative to visit the organisation that the students are engaged with, in order to collect information from the supervisor in charge and to see their progress as well.
Ms Losenamo thanked the Office of Censorship for their partnership and support and is positive that the students will assist the Office meaningfully as they are equipped with various skills learnt in school that will enable them to carry out their tasks respectively.
Mr Chicki assured Mr Mala that, with the assistance of his divisional staff, he will provide the support and leadership necessary to assist the students to successfully complete their Social Work Practice A assessment with the Office of Censorship.

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