A final year journalism and public relations student of the University of Papua New Guinea, Mr. Linson Karu was fare welled last Friday 23th February after a fourteen weeks of job experience with the Office of Censorship.
Mr. Karu started his job training with the Office of Censorship since November 2017 and expressed his gratitude and appreciation towards the office for the opportunity and privilege given to students to have a firsthand experience on the real world. The trainee student also thanked the Chief Censor Mr. Steven Mala and his management for the wealth of experience gained and the family friendly atmosphere provide at the workplace.
On behalf of the Office, the Deputy Chief Censor, Mr. Jim Abani thanked the student trainee for his commitment and time with the Office even though he faced a lot of challenges along the way. He elaborated that Censorship Office is an organization like other government agencies but is unique in the way we do our core business in the office. He also challenged the management to have a proper plan in place through the Human Resource Section to coordinate trainee students in a proper way so that it will assist in the welfare of students while on training.

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