Censorship and Customs prepare to sign MOU


During a small but interactive meeting to finalise the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the Office of Censorship and the PNG Customs Service, Deputy Chief Censor Mr Jim Abani stated that the MOU was an outstanding task which began in 2014 and the two partner agencies are keen on finalising the document for signing before the end of this year.
The MOU basically allows the two agencies to work in partnership in their respective line of duty and also allows them to share information and assist in manpower where needed.
Senior Advising Officer (Litigation) Mr Fred Katu who is taking the lead in finalising the document stressed that it is important that the two agencies formalise their working relationship through this MOU and continue to foster the partnership that is already in existence.
Commissioner for Trade & Corporate Services Mr James Bire said this is the beginning of something bigger and he is looking forward to assisting the team to carry forth this activity which will set the pathway for both agencies and also other partner agencies who play a role in the development of this nation.
‘At the end of the day we are here to serve the people and contribute to the implementation of the governments vision 2050’, Mr Bire stated.
The working committee for the MOU have agreed that the signing of the MOU will take place in October and will be reviewed every three years.

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