The Chinese government hosted a three-week seminar in Beijing conducted under the Academic for International Business Office & Commerce from August into September 2017 of which the Deputy Chief Censor of Papua New Guinea attended.
The main theme of the seminar was to boost employees’ performance through capacity building of staff and human development on medium and long-term development plan.
Time management was the focus of the Seminar with inspiring and learning modules on how to carry out and implement effective planning.
During the seminar, 21 countries participated with 61 participants from developing countries. In the three-week duration of the seminar, there were twelve lectures.
The Deputy Chief Censor Mr Jim Abani, was one of the participants in the seminar including Mr Constantine Masta (IT Manager) and Mr Gerea Kapa (Enforcement Officer).
Mr Abani said as a senior manager, he learned that time management is the essence of management. He elaborated that planning ahead is of utmost importance in any management for better results and urged his officers to always plan ahead in terms of work.
The Deputy Chief Censor said that this trip was the second for the Office of Censorship since 2016 of which officers were given the opportunity to travel to China and participate in the organised seminars.
Mr Abani was one of the speakers for the welcome remarks in the forum which gave him a lot of confidence especially at the international level. He emphasized that during his short visit in China, he learned a lot of things about the government system of the country.
“China had an interpretation of its 13th 5 Year development plan, a concept similar to PNG Vision 2050,” said Mr Abani.
He further added that the best module plan that China developed is the five year development plan which is very effective. The Chinese railway network is revenue generating and Papua New Guinea is benefiting from that system through aid.
The Deputy Chief Censor learned from China’s government system that planning of organization from 3 – 4 years than evaluate and focus on, is of paramount important for growth. His participation in the seminar was a great exposure at the international level and also in building up of confidence and practise at work place. The only difficulty experienced at the seminar was communication barrier and therefore he advised that it is only wise and sensible to travel to China for future seminar in pairs or in threes. Mr Abani also thanked the Chinese Government for its continuous support to the government of Papua New Guinea.

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